Roads Taken

Superstar Activator: Michelle Villalobos on finding truth and alignment from the depths

Episode Summary

Michelle Villalobos was taking the Latin lifestyle publication biz by storm, living la vida loca. But when she hit bottom, she had to look deep to find her truth and align it with her values to activate her new purpose of helping others use their authentic voice.

Episode Notes

Guest Michelle Villalobos, Dartmouth '96, was hanging with Shakira, taking the Latin lifestyle publication biz by storm, and then launching her own consulting firm. But the vida ended up being a little too loca.  When she felt she hit bottom she realized she’d been listening to all the wrong voices and what looked cool and shiny on the outside didn’t really reflect the deeper truth somewhere under the surface.

Uncovering her own truth, she found a path toward helping others align their own purpose and values with the lives they are meant to lead. In this episode,find out from Michelle how sometimes you need to quiet the outside noise and listen more carefully inside…on ROADS TAKEN...with Leslie Jennings Rowley


About This Episode's Guest

Michelle Villalobos is founder of Superstar Activator, a consultancy that empowers creative professionals to align their business with their purpose, desired lifestyle, and values. She is also the host of the “Awaken Your Inner Superstar” podcast. Find her at




Executive Producer/Host: Leslie Jennings Rowley

Music: Brian Burrows


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